Experience The Dayton Machine Tool Advantage

We specialize in machine tool remanufacturing, rebuilding, retrofitting and repair services with more than 50 years experience.  Our engineering capabilities and plant facilities ensure our selection every year as the supplier of some of the most complex work of this type in the country.

Quality & Innovation...Built In, Not Added On

DMT’s history of excellent quality, solid engineering, and on-time delivery has resulted in our being selected for some of the largest programs in the industry.  Contact us today for all of your machine and engineering projects.

Painstaking Dedication...Unequalled Craftsmanship

Our dedication gives our customers the confidence to place their most demanding jobs in the hands of DMT’s skilled craftsmen.  When you place your job with us, you can be confident in our dedication and expert craftsmanship.

Dayton Machine Tool

Regardless of the size of your company or the project,  the one aspect of DMT that you’ll appreciate most is our experience.  Dayton Machine Tool has been in business for over 60 years serving the metal- working industry with quality rebuilding, retrofitting, contract machine maintenance, field service, inspection, and engineering services.

Our Services

Rebuild & Retrofit

DMT’s expertise in machine controls has lead us to offer our professional services.  In many cases, the controls become obsolete or too expensive to maintain long before the iron itself requires an overhaul.

On-Site Services

One of the most heavily utilized services DMT offers is that of on-site inspection of machine alignments and accuracy.  We are equipped to go anywhere in the world to provide the latest in laser analysis.


Our engineering group is unique in our industry in the expertise we can bring to our customer’s problem.  We not only have the sophistication of advanced degrees, we also represent 25 years of experience.

Machinery Modernization

Machinery modernization is the core of Dayton Machine Tool’s business.  It’s how we got started, and where we developed our detailed knowledge of what makes a machine work.  We specialize in the remanufacturing of large or highly complex machines for job shop and mass production applications.  DMT takes the machine from the initial disassembly and cleaning, through careful inspection, to precision grinding and scraping of ways.  We continue when required with the installation of new ball screws, servo drives, anti-friction materials and programming of the latest CNC controls.  Dayton Machine Tool is simply the best in the business.