Rebuild & Retrofit

DMT can remove the old controls and install state-of-the-art systems, frequently resulting in a machine capable of anything a new machine can accomplish.  This upgrade is especially economical on large, complex machines, and on those first or second generation N/C machines.  It is important to remember retrofitting is not limited to CNC controls.  Some of the retrofits with the fastest paybacks can be found on machines where applications of today’s PLC’s, PC’s, and intelligent motion control devices can be made.

Rebuild & Retrofit

The most important steps in the rebuilding process are the teardown and inspection. Our expert technicians carefully remove all electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and lubrication systems, along with all major components and break them down to their individual pieces.  All machine ways are machined, ground and/or hand scraped to precision alignment.

We then clean each and every piece prior to inspection to determine the amount of wear or damage.  Then the decision is made on all worn components to repair or replace.  In the process of rebuilding a machine, we also:

  • Evaluate the spindle condition.
  • Replace all bearings.
  • Inspect and grind bearing journals as required.
  • Grind, scrape and fit all parts to the point that they’re as good as new, and rebuild or replace all hydraulic and electric motors.

Only then do we begin the process of mounting and aligning the machine’s components.

In the final steps, the machine is started and components are tested for placement and performance.

Teardown & Inspection

From teardown to final testing, DMT can professionally rebuild and retrofit any manufacturing machine in your inventory, no matter its age.

Not only can we rebuild it to like-new condition, but we will bring it up to OEM standards of performance, as well as current OSHA standards for safety.  At the same time, we can retrofit your old manually or hydraulically operated machine with electronic controls and automated processes that lower costs and boost productivity.

It can be tough to justify a new machine in any environment, but it’s even harder with a tight schedule and budget, even though it may be desperately needed to improve efficiency.  Instead, why not let DMT rebuild your old unit to perform just as well at a fraction of the cost?

Each step in our machine rebuilding process is a critical part of providing you with a manufacturing unit that will give years of trouble-free service, and help you remain competitive in a tough, global marketplace.

One Year Warranty

Whether a machine is completely remanufactured in our plant, or designed and build from scratch, we back it with the same guarantee you’d expect on any quality new machine one full year, parts and labor- given normal usage and care.

On all other projects, we guarantee the materials and labor that we supply for one year from the date of shipment.

Extended warranties and service contracts are available.  Your DMT representative will be pleased to discuss these with you.