On-Site Services


DMT provides on-site inspections with our metrology lab with portable lasers capable of accuracies to .000001″ and certified traceable to the United States Bureau of Standards.  Our metrology systems conform to Mil-STD-45208B and Mil-STD-45662.  Our services are often used during the installation and check-out of newly purchased equipment as an independent test of the machine’s accuracy and performance.  Equally important is the recurrent testing of machinery to determine performance trends, or to certify the machines for use on government programs.

Service & Preventative Maintenance Programs

DMT offers several programs actually to minimize your long term maintenance costs.  We provide on-site maintenance repair services.  For many companies, our services are a low cost, no hassle alternative to internal maintenance crews.  We have blanket open purchase orders with many companies allowing them to call us day or night for fast service on those production robbing emergency break-downs.  We also offer a preventative maintenance service wherein DMT maintains a complete history of all your machines, performing all routine maintenance and periodic tests.  These tests, such as oil sampling, vibration analysis, thermography, and laser alignment, will usually spot problem areas long before they reach the point of catastrophic breakdown, thus allowing scheduled downtime, and often avoiding costly parts replacements.  Our service response time is within 24 hours.

Service and Preventative Maintenance Programs can include any of the following or be specifically arranged to meet your needs:

  • Level and align any machine tool, large or small.
  • Check and correct backlash issues on ball screws.
  • Analyze and adjust precision bearing issues.
  • Remove all way covers to ensure all axes travels are getting proper lubrication.
  • Check and replace wipers on all way surfaces.
  • Check spindle lifts on both horizontal and vertical applications.
  • Check spindle taper fit on all spindles.
  • Spindle Taper Grinding.
  • Provide oil analysis.
  • Oil and filter changes.
  • Ball Bar Testing.
  • Laser Interferometer Checks.
  • Provide a report of findings and quotation for recommended repairs.

Scrape & Align

DMT’s specialty in way systems and alignments is our craftsmanship in performing scrape & align services, as well as installing all types of way replication materials.